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Cutting Edge Election Technology Locates Ballots Cast But Not Counted In Georgia

While turning out the vote in Georgia will play an important role in the January 5th Senate election, ensuring that every vote is counted is priority one for every Conservative.

After years of research, development and testing, the future of election oversight is here.  This revolutionary Election Participation Audit answers the question on every conservative voters mind;  “Was my vote really counted or was it "lost" in the chaos?” 

The ability to verify that a voters primary, general or special election ballot was cast but not counted is a remarkable breakthrough at a time when Georgia voters on January 5th will determine the direction of our country.

Our software will change the future of elections and ensure that your vote is COUNTED! But don't take our word for it, read what our subscribers have to say about us.

“It is an honor to play a tiny part in bringing conservative election technology into the 21st Century!  What they have created will be a powerful tool to protect our ballots, and promote and support our conservative values.” 
George Navarini, Chair of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly of Broward County 

“What we learned in the 2020 election is to trust no one when it comes to counting our ballots. We finally have the technology to check state records ourselves and verify our vote was counted and that’s how we #StopTheSteal in the future!” 
J.C. Registered Subscriber  

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The steps to validate your ballot is easy; Start the process here and you will be directed to our homepage to verify your registered voter status and subscribe to our Election Participation Audit. The future of election integrity is only a few clicks away.

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